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iPhone 14 Plus Review: The Unsung Hero of the Series

It’s been a few months since the iPhone 14 series launched, and it’s no surprise that the spotlight is on the Pro models again. However, if the prices of the Pro models are a bit high for your taste, the iPhone 14 Plus will cautiously step in, offering more than you’d expect. With a starting price of Rs 89,900, it offers a big-screen experience without spending a fortune. Sure, it’s still expensive, especially compared to some of its Android counterparts, but the iPhone 14 Plus has a lot of advantages. He’s the unsung hero of the squad and this is why he deserves your attention. Join me in this in-depth iPhone 14 Plus review to learn more.

iPhone 14 Plus Review (2023)

In this comprehensive review, I will dive into various aspects of the iPhone 14 Plus including the display, camera, performance, and more. to give you a clear picture of my experience with this new iPhone. If you are interested in a particular category, you can quickly jump to that category using the table of contents below.

iPhone 14 Plus: What’s in the box?

Apple’s move to exclude the charger for environmental reasons resulted in minimal box contents: the phone, SIM eject tool, user guide, Apple logo sticker, and USB-C to Lightning cable. New Apple users must purchase a 20W or 30W adapter for Rs 1,900.

iPhone 14 Plus Specifications

  • Display: 6.7-inch OLED
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Processor: A15 Bionic (Hexa-core)
  • GPU: Apple GPU (Five-core)
  • Rear Cameras: 12MP wide-angle, f/1.5 + 12MP ultra-wide, f/2.4
  • Front Camera: 12MP wide-angle, f/1.9 with auto-focus and OIS
  • Battery: 4,300mAh
  • Software: iOS 16
  • RAM: 6GB


iPhone 14 Plus: Design and Build Quality

The iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t have a groundbreaking design, and Apple hasn’t made any significant changes in that regard either. If you’re looking for the latest Dynamic Island experience, you’ll need to pick up the Pro model. The iPhone 14 Plus retains its flat edges, causing mixed reactions, and the square-shaped convex camera houses two cameras, an LED flash, and a microphone. In particular, the notch is still present. If you can tolerate its existence, you might not feel the need for the Dynamic Island. The most noticeable change is the substantial screen size, reminiscent of the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus era. It might take some getting used to, especially if you’re transitioning from a 6.1-inch screen.

Despite the lack of groundbreaking design changes, the iPhone 14 Plus exudes a premium feel. It boasts an aluminum build with a hint of gloss, a glass back, and a layer of Ceramic Shield, all contributing to the desired ‘premiums’ associated with iPhones.

Plus, the color options are visually appealing. Whether you choose classic black, new purple, blue, Starlight, or (Product) RED, you will enjoy it. Every color has its charm. I chose the (Product) RED variant, which is quite a departure from my usual pick and it’s certainly an impressive one, even if it’s a bit brighter than what I’d expect. I love.

Despite the larger screen, the iPhone 14 Plus remains lightweight and easy to carry, even in pockets or during exercise. While it’s fairly durable, consider using a tempered glass case and screen protector, as iPhones can be fragile.

iPhone 14 Plus: Screen

One of the main attractions of the iPhone 14 Plus is its display. Apple has finally extended the large screen size reserved for the Pro Max models to the non-Pro line, making it more accessible to those looking for a larger screen. The 6.7-inch OLED screen is enough for watching videos, playing games, or non-stop scrolling Instagram reels. The transition from the smaller screen required some tweaking, but now that I’m used to it, it’s hard to go back to the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro. Although the screen has an oleobic coating that resists fingerprints, it is prone to stains, so I recommend a tempered glass screen protector.

The screen is bright and vibrant, providing an enjoyable experience for watching YouTube videos or your favorite shows. However, Apple retains a 60Hz display, which might disappoint Android users used to higher refresh rates.

Coming from my iPhone 13 Pro with a 120Hz display, the initial setup was difficult. However, I must credit Apple for delivering a smooth operating system experience even with a 60Hz panel. Once adapted to the iPhone 14 Plus, the 60Hz refresh rate is no longer a big deal. Overall, scrolling is still smooth and jitter-free.

Sure, a smartphone priced around Rs 10,000 is expected to come with a 120Hz refresh rate panel, but the lack of such a panel should not be the deciding factor. However, it is worth mentioning that the iPhone 14 Plus lacks the features found on Android devices priced at just Rs 20,000, which may disappoint some users.

iPhone 14 Plus: Performance

One possible disappointment for some is Apple’s decision to equip the iPhone 14 Plus with an old chipset, making very little difference between it and the iPhone 13 Pro. In theory, this seems like a drawback, especially compared to the iPhone 14 Pro models with A16. However, if you use it daily, you won’t notice a significant difference. Iphone

14 Plus delivers fast and seamless performance. Whether I’m managing my social media accounts, watching the latest YouTube videos, or shopping online (an activity I should probably limit), the smartphone handles it all without the hassle. any obstacle. Even light gaming and photo editing are no problem for the iPhone 14 Plus. So if you’re worried about using an iPhone with an older chipset, don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about. With 6GB of RAM and the optimizations that come with iOS 16, this phone is guaranteed to deliver a smooth experience. In terms of storage, my device has a generous 512GB, which can last for years. You can also choose a 128 GB or 256 GB model.

I also ran the AnTuTu benchmark test, and the iPhone 14 Plus scored a respectable 6,47,676. Interestingly, a friend’s 128GB iPhone 14 Plus of storage scored 8,31,861 and was unaffected. In terms of audio performance, the iPhone 14 Plus’s stereo speakers are significantly better than the iPhone 13 Pro’s. They deliver loud and rich sounds. Other aspects, such as call quality, connectivity, pairing with AirPods, and Face ID performance, all work admirably and have no noticeable issues.

iPhone 14 Plus: Camera

When it comes to photography, the iPhone consistently delivers impressive results, and the iPhone 14 Plus follows suit. It has a 12MP dual camera setup, similar to the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, but its Photonic engine promises brighter and more detailed images than its predecessor.

In most cases, the iPhone 14 Plus enjoys a reputation as a reliable camera phone. Well-lit environments yield near-natural colors and pleasing results. Photos taken in daylight have excellent detail, although this diminishes in low light. However, Night mode comes to the rescue in low light, producing commendable photos.

Even with up to 3x zoom in low light, you can still take Instagram-worthy photos. At 5x zoom, you’ll get decent detail, especially in good lighting, although images can get a bit grainy in low light. The characteristic warm tones of iPhone photos have been reduced on the iPhone 14 Plus. Selfies taken with the front camera are detailed and realistic. The addition of autofocus improves selfie clarity, and the inclusion of ultra-wide mode is a welcome feature when taking group photos. The main problem occurs when the front camera works in low light conditions, affecting image quality.

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iPhone 14 Plus: Battery

The last time I experienced an iPhone with outstanding battery life was the iPhone XR and iPhone 14 Plus, which offer a similar, if not better, experience. It is said the battery life of the iPhone 14 Plus is very impressive. With my typical usage involving calls, Instagram, texting, video streaming, and selfies, the phone could easily last a day and a half, and even up to two days at times. This is achieved with an average screen time of about 3-4 hours!

This is the second most notable aspect of the iPhone 14 Plus and one of the reasons it deserves more attention. It offers the same battery life as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at Rs 1,39,900. With a 20W charger, the device takes about an hour and a half to fully charge. That’s fine for me, but it might frustrate people who like to charge their phones in less than an hour or even 30 minutes, a feature some Android devices boast about. With today’s fast charging standards, everyone wants such fast charging times. If you can endure up to 1.5 hours of charging time in exchange for great battery life, the iPhone 14 Plus is an ideal choice.

iPhone 14 Plus: pros and cons


Impressive big screen
Long battery life
Fast performance


Lack of high refresh rate
Design lacks innovation
Still relatively expensive

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Q: Is the iPhone 14 Plus worth buying?

A: Yes, the iPhone 14 Plus is worth buying, offering a large screen and excellent battery life at a more affordable price point.

Q: Is the iPhone 14 Plus a hit or flop?

A: The iPhone 14 Plus is considered a hit, especially for those who seek a balance between features and affordability.

Q: Is the iPhone 14 Plus worth buying in 2023?

A: Absolutely, the iPhone 14 Plus remains a compelling choice in 2023, providing a great user experience.

Q: Is the iPhone 14 better than the 14 Plus?

A: The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have different target audiences. The iPhone 14 Plus offers a larger screen and better battery life, making it a preferred choice for some, while the iPhone 14 might suit others with its unique features.

iPhone 14 Plus review: is it worth buying?

The iPhone 14 Plus is Apple’s first device to offer a large screen and long battery life at an unprofessional price point. If you want those features, it’s a much better choice than the standard iPhone 14, which feels like an incremental upgrade over the iPhone 13. While using an older chipset can be a concern, using the iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t expose any major performance downsides. Despite the lack of some premium features like a high refresh rate display, 48MP camera, or AOD mode, the iPhone 14 Plus is still a solid smartphone but unfortunately hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

If you’re upgrading from an older iPhone or Android device and budget is a major consideration, the iPhone 14 Plus is a great choice. The iPhone 13 Pro offers a comparable experience but is still below Rs lakh. With a price of less than Rs 10,000, iPhone 14 Plus will be one of the top contenders in your favorites list. If you decide to upgrade to a new iPhone, be sure to let us know how it goes for you.

I hope you receive ample information from this iPhone 14 Plus Review. Stay tuned with Jaystechtalk to know more.

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