Here’s what you need to know about the iOS 15 update

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Here's what you need to know about the iOS 15 update

If you are an Apple user then here’s what you need to know about and you might be aware of the ios 15 update. If you aren’t aware yet then this blog is for you. Know everything about ios 15 new features, how to download, install, and more.

At the time when everyone is waiting for the California streaming Apple Event, every one of us stood by the side and waited for the event. The event went fantastically, where we got to know many new apple 13 series phones, new apple series iPads, and Apple 7 series watches. Since the iOS 15 update arrived people are more curious and exhilarated to buy iPhone 13 series and iPads.

If you haven’t installed and updated Apple’s new OS 15 yet, now you can download it and install it for free. Get your iPhone, iPad updated and enjoy the upgraded version of iMessage, FaceTime, and more.

iOS 15 Release Date

With the new and updated features of Apple, every one of us waited for the day of iOS 15 to arrive. Initially, Apple revealed its iOS 15 update on June 7 at the Conference. The first apple 15 update was made for apple developers to test and once it’s passed, they made it available to download and that too a beta version.

Days passed and at California’s conference apple event, Apple announced iPhone 13 series. And it would be available from 14th Sept onwards. And at the same event iOS, 15 updates would be available to download for free from 20 September, said. This basically implies you are now able to avail and enjoy the latest update of Apple’s operating system.

You can now take the advantage of new updates of the iPhone if you are holding an iPhone 6s onwards mobile then you can download iOS 15 for free and enjoy the features.

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iOS 15 New Features

iOS 15 update
New features of iOS 15

Some of the new features that come with iOS 15, mesmerize you. Know here why?

FaceTime upgrade- You will now be able to make FaceTime calls over LTE without any extra charges, making it more feasible for international FaceTime.

Theater Mode- This is a new feature that turns your iPhone into the perfect theater companion. With Theater Mode, you can disable all alerts and notifications that come through on your device during movies or shows. This also allows you to disable raise to wake for a more calm movie experience.

Siri Speaker- Siri on the HomePod is a more interactive smart assistant that allows you to control your home just with your voice. A simple ‘Hey Siri’ can get you going. It also knows more trivia about music and the world of arts. It will play music, read the news and even check the traffic for you. Never get lost with maps again!

Home App- This is a new app that works with all Apple products from iPhone to Apple TV. You can control all your smart home products from the same app and it also comes integrated with Siri for further convenience. The app will be charged just $10 per year.

iCloud Storage- With this new feature, photos, videos, and documents that are saved on your iPhone will be backed up on iCloud. You can view your files anytime you want through the iCloud website for free. For those who don’t know how this works, you send your message via iMessage on your iPhone. And the recipient opens their iPad app and reads it there. This makes sharing an iMessage a lot easier than sending a regular one. And you don’t have to worry about losing anything from your phone. Because Apple stores everything in iCloud.

Password Manager- Securely store all your logins for all your social media accounts in one place with the password manager app.

News App- The iOS 15 now comes with a news app that is now optimized to read information about current events without the usual ads. The app also now lets you share stories straight from where you are, right from within the News App itself! This feature allows you to share stories directly over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts.

App Store- The iOS App Store now has a new tab called Books which has added hundreds of new books that are also updated for the latest iOS 15. You can now purchase books from the app itself, directly from Safari.

Smart Battery- This new feature allows you to manage battery usage through iOS 15 by being able to toggle the battery icon on and off depending on your needs.

Stocks- With this update, you can now see stocks information inside the stock app. You will be updated with live market updates as well as various news about companies. 

How To Download iOS 15 And Update Your Device

If you aren’t already, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network before proceeding! 

Also, it’s recommended that you plug your device into a charger now. This will help reduce the risk of the update. When the process drains your battery during installation, which may cause it to fail. 

Now tap on Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an update available for iOS 15, it should show up here.

This is it! You’re now updated to iOS 15 via official means. If you have any other questions, you can post them below or contact us.

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