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Do you know which Samsung watch is right for you?

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Would you like to know which Samsung Galaxy Watch is right for you?

Android users often find themselves seeking a smartwatch experience that rivals the Apple Watch, and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series has emerged as a strong contender. Boasting an impressive blend of refined software and top-notch hardware, Samsung has been making strides since the 2013 release of the Samsung Gear. The current lineup, featuring the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, showcases Samsung’s commitment to wearable innovation. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these offerings to help you determine the perfect fit for your wrist.

Drawing from our extensive experience, it’s important to note that Samsung’s smartwatches thrive when paired with its Galaxy phones, providing a seamless user experience. This, however, restricts the complete Galaxy Watch experience for non-Samsung Android users—a crucial consideration for prospective buyers.

Our reviewers undertake thorough testing, rigorously evaluating key performance indicators like app support, battery longevity, feature range, and overall user-friendliness. These wearables are put through real-world paces, accompanying us on runs, walks, and daily activities to offer a comprehensive perspective.

Best Samsung Watch at a Glance

How we test

For a broader view, if you’re in search of wearables beyond Samsung’s realm, check out our recommendations for the best smartwatches, running watches, and fitness trackers.

Allow me to elaborate on our testing methodology. Every smartwatch undergoes a hands-on review for at least a week, or even longer if battery life permits or extended feature trials are needed.

Throughout the testing phase, metrics like app compatibility, ease of use, and battery life are thoroughly assessed. Should the smartwatch offer health or fitness tracking capabilities, we scrutinize their accuracy and reliability. We cross-check distance tracking by running on established tracks with known lengths. Furthermore, we measure battery consumption during GPS usage. To validate heart rate monitoring precision, we compare the wearable’s readings against dedicated HRM straps.

Following the data collection, we merge it with our real-world encounters during daily usage, shedding light on comfort levels and any unexpected glitches encountered during the review duration.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of each Samsung Galaxy Watch model:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Best Galaxy Watch


  • A pinnacle of style among smartwatches
  • Ongoing improvements to Wear OS
  • Comprehensive health and fitness data offerings


  • Battery life leaves room for improvement
  • The sleep tracking feature needs refinement

In the realm of iterative upgrades, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 breaks the mold by introducing substantial enhancements. Gone are the chunky bezels of yesteryear, now replaced with a 20% larger display that oozes confidence. This transformation is reminiscent of Apple’s impactful display upgrade in the Apple Watch 7.

A noteworthy highlight is that the Galaxy Watch 6 comes equipped with Wear OS 4, marking a significant step forward. This investment ensures longevity, introducing features like in-depth sleep stage tracking—an invaluable tool for optimizing your circadian rhythm.

The watch retains Samsung’s array of health tracking features, including the holistic Body Measure function and ECG and blood pressure tests (exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones).

However, the Galaxy Watch 6’s Achilles’ heel is its battery life. To ensure a full day’s usage, disabling the always-on display is recommended. If extended battery life tops your priority list, the TicWatch Pro 5 might be worth exploring.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Most stylish Galaxy Watch


  • Impeccable design aesthetics
  • A satisfying rotating bezel
  • Precise fitness data tracking


  • Battery life falls short
  • Complex settings navigation
  • Extensive terms and conditions

After a hiatus, Samsung revisits the ‘Classic’ category with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. With years between its predecessor and itself, this model offers a compelling upgrade, particularly for those noticing their old Galaxy Watches showing signs of age.

The “Classic” moniker translates to a more refined style, diverging from the standard Watch 6’s sporty look. This version features a robust stainless steel chassis and an eco-leather band, harmonizing well with formal wear.

The return of the physical rotating bezel—a signature Samsung touch—enhances usability significantly compared to the digital version on the Watch 6. However, the Classic’s higher price tag might dissuade those who don’t prioritize its professional appearance.

Underneath the surface, the Watch 6 Classic closely mirrors the Watch 6, sporting Wear OS 4 and the Exynos W930 chipset. This cohesion assures a seamless experience, despite battery life improvement potential.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Best Samsung Watch for battery life


  • Robust fitness tracking capabilities
  • Built to endure sports activities
  • Exceptionally vibrant display


  • Navigation for route planning feels cumbersome
  • Battery life lags behind competing fitness trackers

If robust battery life is a paramount concern, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro stands tall.

Boasting a sizable 590mAh battery, this smartwatch delivers around two days of regular use and charges swiftly. In just an hour and 22 minutes, the battery reaches full capacity, with a 15-minute boost reaching 38%—a lifesaver for impromptu outings.

The Pro model brings additional assets to the fitness-savvy audience. Notably, GPX file support enables route plotting via apps like Strava, bolstering hiking and cycling pursuits. Its BioActive sensor, sleep tracking, and reliable GPS bolster its health monitoring credentials.

Design-wise, the Watch 5 Pro maintains the durability of its standard counterpart while flaunting a rugged edge and a titanium bezel for added protection. Controls exude a satisfying tactile response, contributing to an overall fitness-focused experience. The Super AMOLED display dazzles with vibrant visuals and impressive brightness.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Best Affordable Galaxy Watch


  • A prime example of Wear OS excellence
  • Intuitive digital bezel functionality
  • The sleek, minimalist design exudes elegance
  • A diverse selection of original watch faces


  • Some features are still under development
  • iPhone compatibility absent
  • Bixby integration leaves room for improvement

The slightly older Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 remains a viable option and offers a budget-friendly entry point into the Galaxy Watch series. Its minimalistic design, reminiscent of the Galaxy Watch Actives, combines aesthetics with comfort, making it a compelling choice.

The defining feature lies in its transition to Google’s Wear OS 3, a shift from Samsung’s proprietary Tizen OS. The new UI showcases a tiled interface for swift access to frequently used functions and integration with key services like Google Maps, Google Pay, and even YouTube Music—a rarity among Wear OS watches.

The Watch 4 excels in fitness tracking and health monitoring, thanks to the BioActive sensor that amalgamates multiple sensors into one. Its accuracy shines through, from heart rate readings to distance measurements. Battery life sees improvement as well, lasting two days and outperforming competitors like the Apple Watch 7 by 30 hours.

In essence, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line provides a wide array of options catering to diverse preferences. Whether you prioritize battery life, fitness tracking, or sleek design, there’s a Galaxy Watch tailored for you.


Q. Is the Galaxy Watch 4 worth buying?

Yes, the Galaxy Watch 4 is worth buying, offering a blend of advanced health features and seamless integration with Samsung devices for a comprehensive smartwatch experience.

Q. Are Samsung’s Galaxy Watches compatible with all Android devices?

While Samsung’s Galaxy Watches are known for their seamless integration with Samsung Galaxy phones, they work best with them. However, this means that non-Samsung Android users might not have access to the complete Galaxy Watch experience.

Q. How do you test the smartwatches in your reviews?

Our reviewers conduct thorough testing of each smartwatch for at least a week. We evaluate various aspects such as app support, usability, battery life, fitness tracking accuracy, and overall performance. We take the smartwatches on real-world activities like runs and walks to provide insights into their performance in practical scenarios.

Q. Can I use these smartwatches with an iPhone?

No, the Samsung Galaxy Watches are designed to work with Android devices and are optimized for Samsung Galaxy phones. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with iPhones.

Q. How does the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 compare to other models?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 offers underwhelming battery life, which might require turning off the always-on display to comfortably last through a day. If extended battery life is a priority, you might want to explore alternatives like the TicWatch Pro 5.


In conclusion, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup presents a range of choices catering to various preferences. The Galaxy Watch 6 offers style and health features, the Classic model boasts a distinctive rotating bezel, the Watch 5 Pro excels in fitness tracking with extended battery life, and the Watch 4 provides a budget-friendly option with a minimalist design and improved battery performance. Selecting the right fit depends on individual priorities, whether it’s style, functionality, or durability.

You can find more smartwatch brands here if you are looking for them.

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