5 Best Yoga Poses To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the worst possible things that can happen to a man. It costs you your confidence, and self-esteem and causes a lot of stress among some individuals. Being a victim of this disease is pretty unfortunate, but thankfully there are some very simple ways to get you and your lil buddy back in order. Of course, there are medications and treatments for it, but there is also something unexpected that can help you – Yoga.

So, first things first. What exactly is erectile dysfunction and what causes it in a male body? Erectile dysfunction (ED) is if you haveproblem getting to the point of erection and maintaining it sufficiently to have sex. There are many ways you could get, erectile dysfunction like issues with hormones or the flow of blood. You may additionally increase erectile dysfunction when you have a serious health and fitness condition, like heart sickness or diabetes. Stress and tension can further elevate this. Yoga can greatly help you with this, and there are many benefits of doing yoga for erectile dysfunction. So here are 5 yoga poses that can help you with erectile dysfunction.

Best Yoga Poses That Will Help You to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

1. Paschimottanasana

treat erectile dysfunction


  1. Start with sitting on your yoga mat together along with your legs out in front of you. You might also additionally need to apply a folded blanket for delivered support. Move your body barely to the left and use your hand to drag the proper take a seat down. Repeat on the alternative side.
  1. Inhale, preserving your top body steady. Lean ahead and extend your tailbone as you touch the floor. If you could, touch your toes together along with your arms as you completely extend your elbows. You also can use a yoga strap to help with this stretch.
  1. Hold this pose for between one and 3 minutes. Focus on your breath and notice if you could slowly loosen up and release. In time, you will be capable of touching your arms past your toeshowever, don’t pressure yourself earlier than you’re ready

2. Dhanurasana



Otherwise called Bow Pose, this strong floor move assists with invigorating the reproductive organs and getting the blood rolling to these areas. It additionally assists with extending every one of the muscles toward the front of your body, including the thighs and crotch. Bow Pose might even assist with your general stance.

  1. Lay face down on your mat on your stomach. Your feet should be hip-width separated and your arms ought to be at your sides.
  2. Raise your legs behind you as you at the same time raise your chest area and reach for your lower legs with your hands. When you have a decent grasp, pull your legs up and back while keeping your chest off the floor. Keep consistent contact with the floor through your pelvis.
  3. Try to stay like this for 20 to 30 seconds. Take a couple of full breaths after you breathe out and let out of this posture. Repeat a few more times.

3. Baddha Konasana

baddha konasana

You might have heard this yoga move called Bound Angle Pose or even Butterfly Pose. This can arguably call one of the best yoga moves for erectile dysfunction. Alongside stretching the inward thighs and crotch, it invigorates the prostate organ alongside the bladder, the kidneys, and the organs in the midsection.


  1. Begin by sitting on your mat with your legs stretched out before you. You may likewise raise your pelvis up onto a cover to be more comfortable. Twist your knees as you breathe out, pulling your heels in toward your pelvis each in turn. Then, at that point, drop your knees to one or the other side and press the bottoms of your feet together.
  2. Utilize your first and second fingers to touch your big toes or get your lower legs or shins with your hands. On the other hand, you can carry your arms behind you with your fingers bringing up toward the wall behind you.
  3. Have a go at remaining here for somewhere in the range of 1 to 5 minutes. As you breathe in and breathe out, work on protracting your middle. It might assist with imagining somebody is pulling up on a string joined to the highest point of your head.

4. Uttanasana


Otherwise called standing forward bend, uttanasana is a staple in numerous yoga routines. This stretch might assist you with anxiety. Some say it even assists with infertility while further improving digestion.


  1. Stand at the top of your mat with your hands on your hips. As you breathe out, twist your middle forward pivoting from your hips. Make certain to zero in on extending your middle forward versus basically collapsing over.
  2. Acquire your fingers to the floor in front of your feet. Make an honest effort to keep your knees straight, yet assuming you’re new to this representation, a delicate twist in the knee is OK. On the off chance that you can’t arrive at your feet with your hands, cross your lower arms and clutch your elbows.
  3. Attempt to unwind into this posture for between 30 seconds and an entire moment. At the point when you breathe in, attempt to lift your middle and extend your body somewhat more. Whenever you breathe out, attempt to unwind further into the stretch. And check that your head and neck are free by signalling “yes” and “no” in the same position.

5. Janu Sirsasana

janu sirsasana

Head-to-knee pose is best performed on an unfilled stomach. It helps with your adaptability, specifically in the hamstring muscles, hips, back and thighs. It additionally assists with the bloodstream in the lower abdomen and crotch. Alongside the actual advantages, it tends to be an incredible pressure reliever.


  1. Sit on your mat with your legs stretched out before you. When you breathe in, twist one of your knees and bring your heel toward your pelvis. Lean your sole against your thigh and afterwards let your knee toward the floor. If your knee doesn’t arrive at the floor, you can take a cover to help it.
  2. Breathe in and lift both of your hands up. Breathe out and pivot forward – keeping a stretched spine – over your drawn-out leg. Attempt to carry your jaw to your knee and even catch your hands around your foot.
  3. Try remaining here for 1 to 3 minutes. Next, you must raise up with your arms expanded upward as you breathe in and return to sitting. Also, do this posture on the opposite side for balance in your body.

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